Coronavirus Information

Updated 24 March 2020

We are continuing to offer a service to all passengers and customers for your essential travel needs and delivery services during this period.


In line with UK Government advice, we have a clear set of guidelines around managing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and protecting our staff, drivers and passengers, whilst we maintain service continuity.

This policy has been updated following the UK Government’s announcement on 23 March 2020 of additional measures to manage the spread of COVID-19, but may be subject to amendment given the changing nature of this issue.

At the core of our policy is an adherence to Public Health England (PHE) guidelines – issued by the UK Government and regularly updated.

What we require passengers to do:

  • While we continue to provide a full service to passengers, we are asking passengers to ensure their journey is essential before booking.

  • Please carry and use tissues at all times if you need to sneeze or cough.

  • Clean you hands before entering any of our cars.

  • Sit in the back.

  • Slightly open the window (if not already open).

  • Pay by contactless whenever possible

  • Please touch as little as possible whilst in the car.

  • We are asking passengers to follow UK Government and PHE/NHS guidelines and ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 before they book with us, and stating this in the booking flow.

We understand that people may have concerns about travelling in private hire vehicles during this time.

We can assure you that as well as following PHE advice, Boro Cars has put its own measures in place, including:

  • All cars to be sanitised after each customer alights the vehicle

  • Regular inside-and-out car washes each week

  • Each car is provided with hand gel in order for the driver or passengers (at their request) to keep their hands clean.

  • We are continuously reinforcing PHE precautions to our drivers and employees to help prevent spreading of COVID-19.

  • We are asking employees to work from home, unless it is essential that they come in for their role. Within the office, which is now closed to the public, we are facilitating social distancing.

  • We are requiring drivers who are exhibiting symptoms associated with the Coronavirus – high temperature or a dry cough – to stay at home.


We will continue to monitor PHE advice closely and stands ready to make necessary changes to help protect our passengers, employees and our drivers.