Coronavirus Information

Updated 22 September 2020

Please note that from now on,

all customers and drivers are

required to wear a face covering

in any of our vehicles.

To ensure the safety of everyone,

we will not deter from this rule.



What we require passengers to do:

  • It is now mandatory to wear a face covering when entering any of our vehicles

  • Please carry and use tissues at all times if you need to sneeze or cough

  • Sanitise your hands before entering any of our cars

  • Sit in the back curb side seat if travelling alone

  • If travelling with 3 people or less, sit in the back seats

  • From the 4th July we will be carrying up to 4 passengers per vehicle BUT ONLY WHERE NECESSARY 

  • Slightly open the window (if not already open)

  • Pay by contactless whenever possible

  • Please touch as little as possible whilst in the car

  • Unfortunately, we are not prepared to carry any passenger who are covid-19 positive. This is to ensure the safety of our drivers and customers 

  • We are asking passengers to follow UK Government and PHE/NHS guidelines and ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 before they book with us

We can assure you that as well as following PHE advice, Boro Cars has put its own measures in place, including:

  • All cars to be sanitised regularly throughout the shift

  • All our drivers are required to wear a face covering

  • Regular inside-and-out car washes each week

  • Each car is provided with hand gel in order for the driver or passengers (at their request) to keep their hands clean.

  • We are continuously reinforcing PHE precautions to our drivers and employees to help prevent spreading of COVID-19.

  • Our booking office is currently closed to the public, but our service is fully available by ringing 01723 361111.


We will continue to monitor PHE advice closely and stands ready to make necessary changes to help protect our passengers, employees and our drivers.

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